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The links below all have different memory.

Geometric Calculators


Button Controls on the Spreadsheet Calculator

The equals sign " = " Isolates all calculations to the calculator display window or the window above the number buttons.
Tot button Evaluates and sends the numbers in calculator display window to the spreadsheet below or the total form below the calculator.
The cl button in the top right hand corner clears the calculator display window.
The Cf button on the lower left hand corner clears the spreasheet
Browser print control send the spreadsheet to a page where it can be saved on your computer as a microsoft .xps file or print the form by using the browser controls.
NC button The NC button will total and zero your spreadsheet so you can start a new calculation and still have the old one left.

The Form Controls

Click on the row numbers to the left of the spreadsheet to delete the numbers in the row of the spreadsheet.
Click in the Calc, Value and the total, field these will put there values in the calculator display window. You can figure discounts or taxes and fines by clicking in the total field window and typing * and the percentage in decimal form. Click + for taxes and fines, click - for discounts then click the Tot button.

Scientific Spreadsheet Calculator

The power of a spreadsheet with the ease of a calculator.

     Use for budgeting, estimating, financial projections or totaling long columns of numbers.
This calculator has two unique features. It has a notepad and memory for the form and the notepad.